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Deodorizers and Enzymes
 An all natural enzyme product that can be used to eliminate stains and odors caused by dogs, cats, etc. Effectively eliminates all odors which are caused by an organic source. 

Our best selling deodorizer. Fresh n Clean exhibits a unique odor that can be best described by the name of this product. This concentrated deodorizer has a myriad of uses and is sure to be a favorite. 

Another concentrated deodorizer, that smells like fresh washed laundry. Fabric Fresh is sure to please anyone who enjoys the smell of freshly laundered fabrics. 

This concentrated product smells just like it's name. Mulberry, mulberry, mulberry. If you like the smell of mulberries, this is a product that is sure to please.

A concentrated deodorizer that smells like fresh cut melon. This is a very unique deodorizer that can be used in any application.

A cinnamon scented deodorizer. Especially nice to use around Christmas time.

Malador has a pleasant odor. Rather than just deodorize, this product attacks the odor causing organic and eliminates it. Very useful to use for eliminating smoke odors and odors caused by cigarettes.  

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